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    Event City for all who are Creative

    Event City In the Cloud andEverywhere Else Event City Represents a Unique Creative Community Serving All Creatives Along With the Event Related Industries and Their Vertical Markets

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    Welcome to the Event City Registration! The first ever community portal for the

    Creative Communities & the Event Concentric Industries.

    Click on the below Icons or Headers to Register.

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    Event City is the original Creative Community, a place to call home, for all

    Events & Creative Industries™ 

    We're the original platform combining the following industries:

    Special Events - Hospitality - Travel - Meeting & Expos - Art - Film - Entertainment - Music - Associations & CVBs - Venues - Food & Beverage

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    Advertisers find us as a most unique online property. Content Creators, Publishers offer a plethora of Creative endeavors. Our Media friends and Analysts are excited. We say to all of them, "Enjoy the Ride"!

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    Our Planners in Training and Students who are waiting to be a part of the Social Media World, Our EC University will go way beyond but still might be an Educators dream platform, or a students alternative to taking classes, even
    creating their own possible endless world of educational services.
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    Alex Jauregui - Strategic Planning, Biz Dev and Finance Investments

    Michael Handler - Music Skoop, Project Manager & Editorial Manager

    San Armani - Creative Tech Advisor (CTA), Ecommerce Expert and NetSuite Manager

    Rob - Community Liaison, UI/UX Front end Designer and Artistic Director

    David B - EC TAG & UBME Development

    Johnny "Jay" Apostle - Artist, Creative Director, Graphics Design & Photographer

    Felix Solomon - Super Techie, WebStir, and One Arm Bandit Buddy

    Christopher Buttner - Publicist, Public Relations and Marketing Magician 

    Anthony Ansola - Editorial Channel, Operations and Marketing

    Rachelle Richards - Venue Manager, Events Coordinator and Production Mgr

    Anahita Namavar - Author, Reporter, Traditional and Digital Advertising, Marketing & Promotions; Film industry

    Cindy Faust - Talent and Treasure in the World of Music & Performers

    Toby - Film Indy, Medic and one of our In2 Experts

    Sid Castro - Accounting and Gig Economy Planning

    Richard Varraso - Creative Communities Coop, Gig Economy Manager and Strategic Planning

    Gary Jesch - Marketing Maverick & The Creator of CHOPS Technology

    Peter Rigonovich - Public Relations and Marketing Magician 

    Darshan Gadkari - Coderific, Biz Dev, ICO, Blockchain and Marketing

    Philip Shehadeh - Business Development and Special Projects

    Hazrat Bilal - Chief Developer, IoT Expert, CTO

    Nolan Apostle - Founder & CEO- Everything else...



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